Apure keep impressing me with innovative design solutions to satisfy the most demanding applications.

Wolfgang Muller, Associate Partner
Foster + Partners Limited, London

Low Voltage, In-Ground Up Light

  • Created to offer a recessed floor lighting solution for residences, yachts, and other spaces where integrating illumination into a shallow floor was never possible before, the MINUS 6, shown in its exact minimal size of less than 30 mm × 30 mm (1 3/16″ × 1 3/16″), integrates seamlessly into any interior and becomes virtually indistinguishable. Despite its size, the state-of-the-art luminaire projects a clean and sharp beam, washing walls and ceilings in subtle streams of alluring light.

Light Output

  • 1000 lm from source 
  • High-performance Cree LED available in various color temperatures
  • SDCM Step-2 
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI) ≥ 90 
  • Custom integral microprocessor for thermal protection and equal light output

Electrical Specifications

  • Class 2 Fixture
  • 12W Power Consumption
  • 24 V DC Input for US/CAN 
  • 12 V DC Input for EU/INT’L
  • Remote power up to 45 m (150 ft), please see specification sheets for full details
  • 0-100% dimmable (please see specification sheets for full details)

Installation Types

  • In-ground up light
  • Can be installed in wood, tile, and stone flooring

Listings / Patents 

  • UL Pending
  • CE Conform

Expected Availability Date: Pending UL Approval