• Recessed Lighting Redefined

    Recessed Lighting Redefined

    Minus takes most of the recess out of recessed lighting. With a 3/4-inch heat sink, and a 13/32-inch aperture, the Minus virtually disappears. The mighty Minus can be installed within multiple materials and allows for ceilings to be dropped less than 1 inch, making it ideal for new construction or a retrofit projects.

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    Recessed Lighting Redefined

    How many things are new – really new – in the field of lighting?

    What about a fixture that takes most of the recess out of recessed lighting? A light fixture that is almost imperceptible, with an aperture of just .4 inch (10mm), but that fits in less than an inch (25mm) of recessed space, is low voltage, so it doesn’t need an electrician to install, yet produces 1050lm from the source LED in a 20- or 40- degree beam.

    The Minus, from apure, is a breakthrough in conception, technology and design. Proprietary microchip technology guarantees a minimum of 50,000 hours (LM80) of life at 100 percent, without overheating. Minus can be installed without trim, for a discrete lighting effect, and of course can be dimmed electronically. It is compatible with industry standard transformers.  What is astounding is that Minus produces a soft, shadowless light, with virtually no glare. But it is the daring innovation – the desire to save overhead space – that is the genius of Minus.

    In American homes, standard ceiling heights have gone up and down: low in Colonial times, high in the Victorian age, low again (8 feet) in the 1950s through the 1990s, when air conditioning and heating were prime considerations. The trend these days is for higher standard ceilings, 9 feet, even 10 feet. For one thing, people are getting taller. And studies have shown that higher ceilings offer a greater sense of optimism and positivity. High ceilings also make natural lighting feel more natural.

    A modern look requires a higher ceiling. With apure’s Minus, in a renovation, high ceilings can be maintained and recessed lighting installed with little more than furring strips. New construction becomes more economical, too. And the effect of the light is transcendent.

    Over a dining table, a row of 40-degree Minus recessed lights bathe a tablecloth in what seems like daylight.

    In hallways, bathrooms and kitchens that might otherwise have lower ceilings, Minus allows another six inches to a foot of ceiling height while offering natural levels of light. In addition, the Minus makes renovations a snap. The only reason for a customer to not buy Minus fixtures is because they don’t know about Minus fixtures.

    Join us at Lightfair International at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia, May 7 - 11, where Minus will make its world debut!