• Apure partners with Basalte for new sensor series

    Apure partners with Basalte for new sensor series

    European design infuses US smart home technology market with the introduction of the Clarus Motus, Velo Motus and Tantus Motus.

    Basalte, headquartered in Ghent, Belgium offers a stunning range of high-end products for the premium Smart Homes, made by hand with top-quality materials in a refined design. Since its foundation, Basalte has developed an exclusive product portfolio including design switches, thermostats, iPad mounts and most recently its multi-sensor series named Auro.

    Aligned with Apure’s philosophy of creating highly engineered simple solutions, Apure is happy to announce the incorporation of Basalte’s Auro sensor series as the heart of the Clarus Motus, Velo Motus and Tantus Motus products.

    The new fixtures, powered by Basalte’s Auro sensor offer motion, temperature and light sensors for the world’s leading smart home systems. Additionally, the integrated LED can be used as a night light.

    ·       Native integration with Crestron® and KNX® control systems (full functionality)
    ·       Integration available with Lutron® HomeWorks QS® control systems (only motion sensor and LED functionality

    Founder and CEO of Apure, Uli Petzold, describes the collaboration as, “a perfect match of our philosophies.” Tracking Basalte’s exciting products and growth for years he has stated he is, “excited to collaborate with one of the leaders of beautifully designed products for home automation industry.”

    Basalte Managing Director, Klaas Arnout, joins Petzold and also highlights how these new products add value for designers and system integrators, “because this makes smart home technology part of the initial design process, along with lighting.”

    Apure’s Motus Series, powered by Basalte, will be available through authorized Apure dealers worldwide beginning November 1, 2018. Additionally more information on Apure’s fixture’s and services can be found online at apure-system.com.

    To find out more about Basalte and their complete product lineup, please visit basalte.be.