Apure in Los Angeles

Mass Beverly to exclusively represent apure in Los Angeles, California.

MASS Beverly has captured the attention – and business – of a growing number of high-end designers and architects in the U.S. for the unique concept of offering every component to outfitting a house – kitchen, bath, doors, flooring, hardware, storage, lighting, furniture and accessories – all under one roof. It is a luxury one-stop shop for the best European home design lines, the likes of which does not exist in any major U.S. city.  

The brainchild of Mary Ta, founder of the Minotti showroom in Los Angeles, and Lars Hypko, an Italian-trained architect, MASS Beverly offers a 360-degree approach to design resourcing.  “At MASS we have everything to build a luxury project – all in one place – and we excel at helping clients incorporate architectural products and fixed furniture into their designs,” says Mary Ta.

While a select number of discerning designers and architects have discovered the West Hollywood showroom, it remains an undiscovered source among design professionals across the country serving a high-income demographic.   

Ta and Hypko have expertly curated a selection of 30 European companies to represent the ultimate in tile, hardware, kitchens, baths, closets, doors, architectural lighting, surfaces and finishes.  The result is a selection that combines incredible design, sophistication and diverse creative interpretations that architects, interior designers, and buyers can access and utilize in their projects. 


Mass Beverly | authorized dealer
9000 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048
Phone: +1 310.271.2172
Email: info@apure-la.com